National policy

Rurajapani did not know that his decision played into Wang yuanqing's hands. The undercurrent of Volume 9 is surging Chapter 40 switching packages. At 4:15, Li Cunxun arrived at the capital of yuan. Before entering the study of Xipu Garden, Li Cunxun looked at Kang Xiaoting, who was following him, without a trace of nervousness. He was worthy of being the best special forces soldier of that year. Kang Xiaoting noticed Li Cunxun's eyes, quietly returned a glance to the director of military intelligence, followed into the study. It is not difficult to persuade Kang Xiaoting, but it is difficult to get Lin Muhua to agree to "release him". For this, Liu Xiaobin ran five times in three days. Lin Muhua blocked the first four times outside the door of "Kang Fu". Although he saw Kang Xiaoting for the last time, he was driven away by Lin Muhua before he talked about the key issues. Lin Muhua is the smartest woman in the world, and she knows very well Liu Xiaobin's purpose of finding her husband. Yesterday morning, when Liu Xiaobin planned to arrange other personnel, Kang Xiaoting came to the door on his own initiative. Kang Xiaoting did not say why Lin Muhua promised to let him take part in the operation of the Military Intelligence Agency, nor did Liu Xiaobin ask. Time was pressing. After introducing the operation, Liu Xiaobin personally "trained" Kang Xiaoting. Technical problems are easy to solve,calcium ammonium nitrate price, but problems other than technology are difficult to solve. In less than 20 hours, Kang Xiaoting must become another person, at least in his behavior. Fortunately, Kang Xiaoting had the experience of "secret action" and made great contributions in helping Lin Yanbo return to his motherland. The Fuhrer.. "You're here?" When Wang yuanqing looked up and saw Kang Xiaoting, he was obviously a little surprised. The war has broken out. Li Cunxun sat down on the sofa and waited for Wang yuanqing to sit down before saying,calcium nitrate sol, "I just received the news from the General Staff that the first phase of the strike has ended smoothly and the second phase of the strike has begun.". The Indian army did not resist tenaciously and did not cause much trouble to our army. Wang yuanqing nodded and said, "How big is the war?" "Completely under control, before I left the military intelligence agency, the Indian Air Force and the Navy did not go out." Li Cunxun took one look at the head of state and said, "The General Staff has made adequate preparations. The Air Force and the'Huaxia 'aircraft carrier battle group entering the Indian Ocean are ready. As long as the Indian Air Force and Navy dare to act rashly, we.." "Don't you think that's exactly what some people want?" Li Cunxun froze for a moment and did not react immediately. I also just got a call from Rulajapani. "The Prime Minister of India took the initiative.." Li Cunxun was secretly surprised and said, "Fuhrer, this." "Rulajapani's attitude is very euphemistic, not only saying that India has no idea of expanding the scale of the conflict, but also hoping that we can end the military operations as soon as possible." Wang yuanqing picked up his cigarette, smiled and said, magnesium sulfate monohydrate ,Magnesium Oxide powder, "More importantly, Rulajapani hinted to me on the phone that if we could stop military operations as soon as possible, India would not make trouble after the war, or even acquiesce in the fait accompli of our recovery of South Tibet." "So simple?" "It's really that simple." Wang yuanqing breathed a sigh of relief and said, "I was thinking about this problem before you came.". Since the Indian Air Force and Navy did not participate in the war, it shows that Rulajapani was indeed frightened by our sudden attack and was ready to break his arm. "In that case, we should." "Recover southern Tibet?" Li Cunxun nodded his head to show that this is exactly what he meant. It seems that you soldiers all have the same idea. ,, Li Cunxun hesitated for a moment and asked: "Is that what General Manager Xiang meant?" "I was just about to talk to Xiang on the phone when you came." Wang yuanqing smiled and said, "Although I don't know what Xiang Qianhui wants to do, I'm sure Xiang Qianhui will definitely take the opportunity to recover southern Tibet.". You have also seen the war plan formulated by the General Staff. As long as we can put down the domestic rebellion, without the intervention of a third party, and complete the combat operations within five days, even if India does not yield, we will recover the southern Tibet region. Li Cunxun smiled bitterly, knowing that Wang yuanqing had learned a lot of military knowledge in recent years. The plan of the General Staff Headquarters was so complicated that no soldier who was not a staff officer could understand it. What was submitted to Wang yuanqing was only a general plan and did not involve specific combat operations. The Fuehrer was able to see the problem from it, not so much to understand the operational plan of the General Staff as to see through the intentions of the Chief of General Staff. It's not that we can't recover southern Tibet, but the price is too high. "India has made concessions at the cost of.." "Not the cost of war, but other costs." Wang yuanqing got up and walked in the room. To surrender to us, Rulajapani must take a great risk. In other words, losing South Tibet is likely to drive Rulajapani out of the Prime Minister's Office by the opposition. To this end, RulaJapani must seek support from other parties to make up for India's losses in the war and convince voters that the Prime Minister can recover the lost territory in the near future. It not only continues to support Rulajapani, but also advances strictly in accordance with Rulajapani's wishes. Li Cunxun glanced at the head of state and nodded slightly. At this point, Rulajapani was left with only a single-plank bridge in front of him. Wang yuanqing sighed and said, "India will throw itself into the arms of the United States without hesitation, even though Rurajapani's original intention is good, that is, to take advantage of India's defeat to obtain comprehensive military assistance from the United States, rather than obeying the orders of the United States in the political, diplomatic, economic and other fields.". However, the trend of the situation will certainly be contrary to Rulajapani's original intention. The United States will not support India for no reason, nor will it provide support to India without pay. As long as Rulajapani takes this step, India will certainly become a puppet of the United States. When the time comes, whether he is in power or not, India will become a major threat to us. The United States can wear us down with a "regional cold war" without using a single soldier,Magnesium Oxide MgO, while we have to spend too much power on secondary enemies. In the long run, we simply can't afford such a high price. Li Cunxun also sighed. Everyone else saw the advantages, but only Wang yuanqing saw the disadvantages.