Xiaojiaojiao strategy

It's quite close to Gong Fang, and it makes sense to change clothes. Princess Pei Zang put away his stern expression and put aside all the methods that had been running in his mind when he was discovered. Not because of the identity of the other party, but because of the expression on her face, he inexplicably felt that nothing would happen. If it's convenient, would you please help me remove the makeup on my face? "Men and women are not close to each other." He had got back on his feet and refused her request lightly. I know. Apricot looked at him innocently, "but Pei Taiyi's appearance." Since you have something in my hands, you should not fail to meet my little request. "Is that how the princess wants to get in touch with me?" "Call me Susu." These days, I rummaged through my memory and found that the name of the original owner was You Suyan. At this time, I used it decisively. It's not like you don't know that I've liked you for a long time. Apricot walked to Pei Zang's side and happily palletized the facts. Pei Zang couldn't help holding his forehead. In fact, these days, although the performance of Princess Qingcheng is completely inconsistent with the memory, but the accident is quite cute? Seriously corrected his aesthetic, Pei Zang soaked in water and wrung out his handkerchief, on the basis of not harming the skin, carefully wiped the makeup powder for the importunate princess. The real beauty of the city is revealed. Pei Zang's eyes can not help but flash a trace of surprise. Unfortunately, the little apricot, who looked down at the clear water in the barrel to check whether his face was clean or not,potassium sulphate fertilizer, did not see it. Otherwise, she will certainly take a big bite at the little yellow chicken MUA to show her great honor. The target the system sent her was a man with a normal aesthetic! Besides, it looks good. Princess The words are interrupted, the small apricot is smiling: "Su Su." When I first came here, I was disliked and impatient by him. Now I hold the painful foot and let him look at it again? Well, it's nice to be able to have a little touch while you're cultivating your relationship. Susu. Beautiful syllables flowed between his lips and teeth, making his heart move slightly. For an alien whose taste is different from that of almost all the people in the Dynasty,dap diammonium phosphate, it is inevitable that there will be a moment when he can't control himself in front of a flawless face and a melodic nickname. After all, it has been suppressed for too long. But this is also the nature of men to see beauty, at this time the Princess of Qingcheng, for him, is just a woman with the label of "seems to have become interesting and lovely". Lord Pei's voice is very nice. The little apricot bent her smiling eyes like a crescent moon and laughed as if she had found something she liked. Pei Zang was infected by her mood, and his light mood rose a little. Don't you think I'm ugly? "I'm not a shallow woman." She put on a serious little look, black eyes flashing, reflecting the red lips and white teeth, especially beautiful. It is impossible for me to change my mind casually because of my appearance. Pei Zang was silent and inevitably had some good feelings for each other. Although the words here he has understood her attitude, but after all, this is the crime of deceiving the king, he came from a medical family, Magnesium Sulphate producer ,Magnesium Oxide price, ancestors have served in the hospital, he does not want the family to be convicted because of their own reasons, the elderly grandfather lost his life. To make sure nothing happened, he still said, "I hope you.." Susu can keep this secret for me. "All right." She winked at him without any perfunctory gesture. He breathed a sigh of relief and there was a real smile in his eyes. The fifth level of 50 Princess In the next few days, the relationship between Xiao Xing and Pei Zang slowly improved a lot. It was probably a secret relationship revealed in front of Xiao Xing. Although she threatened him with it from time to time, she always had a smile in her eyes, and it was not true at first sight. Over time, when they speak, they have a relaxed and tacit understanding between friends. But even so, the legendary Pei Taiyi is more than gentle, not close to the master, rarely make friends with people, not many friends. Apricot is not special in front of him. This was discovered one day when Xiao Xing saw a little black cat beside him with a lazy tail. Pei adult alienated eyes when stroking the little black cat showed a state of intimacy, that is, feeding is personally fed to each other's mouth with small fish, and finally also humanized for it to wipe the mouth, appears to be very spoiled. Small apricot holding a medicine bowl half lying on the front table of the medicine cabinet against the ceiling, beeping his mouth, pounding the medicine pestle in his hand, and really showing some strength. It would not be foolish to ignore the fact that there are no herbs in it. Pei Zang did not look at her lips slightly curved. What's it called? The sweet voice sounded in the pharmacy on the side of the hospital, with a little curiosity and a little unpleasant neglect, which made people want to laugh when they heard it. I think she's childish. Fungus Pei Zang did not cover up his voice, flat tone, light magnetic hoarse appears a little sexy. Because summer makeup is easy to spend, after Xiao Xing sent others out, he no longer made himself uncomfortable with that ordinary face. The combination of the two makes people more excited. It is true that man is a visual animal and an auditory animal. At this time, the little apricot had thrown the medicine bowl aside, holding his cheeks to appreciate the beautiful man, and did not care about the idle spirit of those little pets. The beautiful man who was appreciated could not help laughing from his throat. The original Princess Qingcheng also liked to see him, including the maidservants around her, as well as some women in the palace. It's just not as pleasant as her openness and concentration now. He has never been a servile temperament, and those who like him, to him, are all interested in his skin, and his disguised skin, which makes him unbearable. So he has always been a man who refuses people. In addition, since childhood and people's aesthetic is different, it is inevitable that the mood is not smooth,caustic calcined magnesite, some cynicism, in the respectful appearance can not help but satirize others. It's just that those people are confused by appearances and still feel that according to his temperament, it's just an unintentional act. stargrace-magnesite.com